When are egg’s like witches?

16 Mar

If you are like my family and end up with ageing egg’s in the fridge then this <probably very well known> trick will help. We end up with ageing egg’s for a number of reasons, not always because we don’t eat them fast enough, sometimes because both my wife and I will have a hankering for eggs and within a day of each other buy a carton or 2.

So what do ageing egg’s and witches have in common? In the not-so-distant past people charged with being a witch were thrown into the local river with stones tied around them. For the poor souls that sunk and drowned they were given a proper burial and a big apology. However, witches, apparently because they are made of wood, would float in the river, in which case they were hauled out and burnt at the stake. Rough deal either way in my opinion and a cynic might suggest it was nothing more than a land grab. “Hey I saw my neighbour talking to cat – She’s a witch”, “Good job, either way you can have her land now”.

Floating EggsBut egg’s? Well, if they if act like a witch and float then they are obviously no good. I’m not suggesting you cook them up on some steak (yeah bad pun I know) but I’d certainly throw them out. They are off and will probably make you sick – more on that in a tick.

If egg’s sink then they are all good. And rather than give them an apology I’ll fry, boil, poach or otherwise scramble them! Maybe with some thyme or paprika to cleanse their soul.

My understanding of why this happens is quite simple. Egg shell’s are permeable, meaning they let air and out albeit quite slowly. An egg that has been in your fridge for too long will have absorbed enough air to both make it float but also send the insides off and should be discarded.

Floating EggsThe last time I put this test to the test I had my camera and for me it’s the photo’s rather than the story / science / witch-folklore that is interesting.

How else can you tell an egg is off? Love to hear any other tricks you use!


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