This is my 2nd and probably primary blog about the 3 things I love. Gardening, Cooking and being a Geek. The geekiness will come into through the research and analytical view of both gardening and cooking. It’s not enough just to plan something or brew some compost and see what happens. I want to document it, research it, understand the why and what.

I’m gardening on a small bit of land located right on Sydney harbour. It’s body corporate land that they happily let me dig up and plant. No-one uses the area so all produce is mine (though more than willing to share).

My other blog, dedicated to Social Media, is at http://lincdk.wordpress.com

My 2 twitter accounts are:

@geekgardencook = for gardening and cooking

@LincDK = for my social networking stuff.

Love to hear from you.


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